Tyler Steelman (Young Cain)  
  Nils (BooBoo) Stewart (Beowulf 1/2 scale double)  






Marc Lulkin (Camera), Courtney Newman, me, Tyler Steelman (Young Cain) and mom Teri







Mike Naylor (DGA trainee), me, Tom West (a Thane), Fran West







Karen Westerfield (Make-Up Artist) and daughter Allison (Villager)







Eric Steelman, Teri Steelman, Tyler Steelman (Young Cain), me







Me, Nils (BooBoo) Stewart and sister Maegan







Tom Trobec (a Thane), Allison Meadows (P.A.), me







Maria Battle Campbell (Key 2nd A.D.), Sara Docksey (Key Set P.A.), Daniella Eisman (DGA Trainee)







Office staff: Paul Smith (Prod. Secretary), Allison Meadows (P.A.), Andrew Will (P.A.),


Sarah Spearing (Assistant Prod. Coord.), Brian Burke (Key office P.A.)







Marianne Shiffrar (Payroll accountant) and me







Tom Longo (set P.A.) and me







Josh Simpson (Villager)