These pages are dedicated to my students from whom I learn as much if not more than they learn from me. My objective is to teach Rhoda's Kidz to love to learn. With that philosophy in mind, I try to make learning fun. Working on the sets, where school can be related to the production in unique ways, affords an excellent opportunity to accomplish this goal. Many of Rhoda's Kidz have gone on to college while continuing their acting careers. I have worked on many sets with former students who are now adults and am amazed at their accomplishments. I hope they know how very proud I am of them. Browsing my website you will see pictures of some of them and also some notes and cards they were so thoughtful to send me.

     I hope to continue working as a Studio Teacher for a few years yet and am available for distant locations as well as local productions. However, I work only on I.A.T.S.E. shows. By reviewing my resume, you will find I work equally well with all levels from babies through twelfth grade. I am a problem-solver who can assist production companies to be in compliance with the child labor laws while not adversely affecting production.



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