Dylan (Zack) and Cole (Cody) Sprouse  
  Shana Targgosz (Asst. Costume Designer) and Cathryn Wagner (Costume Designer),  

  who created the elegant costumes seen here







Andrew Ferguson, Shannon Marshall, Jordan Fox, Rennie Steiner







Traja Gaj Golightly, Allie Grant, Selena Gomez, with teacher Daphne Boelsma







Charlie Stewart







Selenz Gomez, Allie Grant, Gaj Golightly







Ryan Matter, me, Michael Ball







Billy Riback (writer) and Charlie Stewart







Antony Acker (Norman the Doorman)







Bill Gray (A.D.)







Me with students: Danny Maravilla, Anna Ryan, Tyler Vickers, Joseph Diaz, Luis Arroyo,


 Daniel Nong, and James Bohnett







(From left)  Ian Pierson, Teacher Pam Wood, Denzel Whitaker, Charlie Stewart, and


(front)  Nathan Kress, Mike Fritschner, Tyler Hunt







Dylan and Cole with teacher Sissy Torrance







Me with dialogue Coach Mary Kate McGeehan







P.A. Jessica Fass, 1st A.D. Beth Correll, me, 2nd 2nd A.D. Michelle Azenzer, and Key 2nd A.D. Ian Jordan







Me with standins: Brenda Vivian,Emily Morris, Adam Tait, Morgan Leigh, Lorena Fabanich







Cole and Dylan with the Palmer twins Bridger and Brecken







Tara Lynne Barr, Tyler Steelman, me, and Adam Lee Cagley







Oscar Beltran, Patrick McCoy, me, Kayla Girling, Aniesse Savo, Ashley L. Nelson







Me, Lisa Shelley Fine (Hotel Guest), Sharon Jordan (Irene the Concierge), Antony Acker (Norman the Doorman)







me, Sharon Jordan (Irene the Concierge), Lisa Shelley Fine (Upscale Hotel Guest),


 Antony Acker (Norman the Doorman) in the Green Room







Seated: Sammi Hanratty, Hannah Leigh Dworkin


Standing: Cierra Ramirez, Jaelin Palmer, me







James Campbell(Harrison Zigler), me, Sophie Oda (Barbara Brownstein)







The Mighty Echos (Harvey, Johnny, John, and Charlie) as The Mellow Notes in Episode "Sleepover Suite"







Corrie Scully (Production Coord.), me, Jeff Sarver (Associate Producer)







Sherrill Harris (Craft Service) with Emma, me, Leslie Kharma (Asst. Prod. Coord.)







Me with Medic Linda Hoag







"Orchestra" episode:  Kyle Sanders (Billy); me; Sophie Oda (Barbara); Max Bugrov (Sergei)







"Orchestra": Kathy Cyrus(Studio Teacher back row 3rd from left); Eric Anderson(director/conductor, back row 3rd from right) Student orchestra: Dominic Calhoun and Stephani Calhoun (back row middle, front row middle), Ellie Dunbar, Marley Eldar, Thania Gomez, Alexis Hatch, Heidi Hatch, Dioyra Lopez, Clara Lysy, Jorge Morales, Anana Solotoff, Carmen Navarro.  Steffin Calhoun, Alfredo Garcia, Jeanette Gomez, Maxwell Karmazyn, Michelle Larner, Megan Shung (not available for photo)





Me with Executive Producer Irene Dreayer



Toni Basil, choreographer on the Benchwarmers episode



Michael Clarke Duncan(from The Green Mile) as Coach Little on the Benchwarmers episode



The Rosso twins: Camilla as Jessica and Rebecca as Janice



Cole Sprouse (Cody), Sophie Oda (Barbara), Giovoonnie Samuels (Nia), and Tara Lynn Barr (Haley)



Hunter Gomez (Rick)



Thadeus Roenitz, additional 2nd A.D.



Teachers: me and Branden Pearl



William Schallert as Old David on Romancing the Phone



Kelsey Asbill Chow as Dakota on Romancing the Phone



Phil Lewis (Mr. Moseby)







 Brecken Palmer, Brenda Song (London), Bridger Palmer







 Kim Rhodes (Carey) and Robert Torti (Kurt as Viking) on A Tale of Two Houses Episode







 Connor Campbell, Phillip Campbell (Visiting Math Teacher), and me on Let Us Entertain You episode 





Jeannie Taylor (Script Supervisor), me, Rich Correll (Director)



Adrian R'Mante (Esteban) and me



Me with Tina Pollini (Craft Service) and daughter Mia



Amanda Gallo (Abby), Rachel Thorp (Cassandra), me, Sophie Oda (Barbara), Tyler Steelman )Mark

on A Tale of Two Houses episode



Me with students Raini Rodgriquez, Elise Howard, Meaghan Martin